Our Coffee


Our organic coffee plantations are located in the famous coffee growing region of the Kintamani Highlands, North East Bali, Indonesia. This is the primary coffee growing area of the island due to the altitude being between 3,200 and 3,900 ft, coupled with the excellent weather and volcanic soil conditions. Arabica coffee plants thrive in this environment and have been providing us with plentiful bounties since 1985.


Bali Beans organic coffee is grown by the Sudana family, along with a collection of local farmers organized into a traditional group called Subak Abian. These groups act as rural cooperatives, facilitating the sale of coffee to export companies, and are founded on the Hindu philosophy of “Tri Hita Karana” (The Happiness Causes). This philosophy focuses on the importance of the relationship of human beings to God, to other humans and to the environment. A concept that fits well with popular terms like fair-trade and organic production, but please be aware this was common practice in Bali a long time before those terms and were even invented.


Harvesting is done from May to October and only ripe fruit is picked. The coffee must contain 95% red fruit to be accepted for processing and once selected it is semi-washed, with a two-step sun drying process.


In 2008 Kintamani Arabica received an official Geographical Indication (GI) certification. A certification that guarantees the coffee lives up to certain quality standards.